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So, Windy, the issue is not an actual danger but concerns people being idiots and not using things properly in the first case. Let's face it, if you do your arm in with an angle grinder then you are obviously doing something stupid as common sense tells you that your appendages should not be close to a spinning disc.

Now, your one about the stepladders proves my comment about the idiocy of the legislation restricting you going over 1m high on a stepladder as, by what you are saying, this will not make one jot of a difference to the stats as 85% of the accidents are at heights BELOW that! So where is the point in the "new" regulations? (by the way, you do know that the higher you go on a stepladder the better your chances of not getting a serious injury from a fall? When you are only 1m up you do not have time to react before impact, at 2m you do. I know that from experience too)

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not against safety in the workplace. I am against stupid, unnecessary regulation which completely hinders the ability to carry out the work. All I have ever wanted is common sense when it comes to H&S, not only from the HSE but also from those doing the work as a spark that needs to go up 6 inches to pull in a cable is being a fool as it's obvious that the work can be done from ground level (as a spark, I know that for a fact)
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