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I hear what you say, the legislation is designed to protect the employee, it's just that they have been subjugated to protect those not at risk (like the employer/insurance company)

A little Knowledge Goes a Short Way

Working on an 11kv Cable fault on a large factory site, we informed our contact of the problem (as we are required to) and set to work excavating the fault in a roadway.
Now as a statutory authority we have permission for our cable(s) to be there, we have a right to repair them, subject to informing the site authorities which we had done.
Short time after arrives their H&s gang
multi-questions about what we are doing, why we are doing it, why we hadn't informed them etc.
It then boiled down to what signing and guarding we were doing around the excavation to which I explained it would be/was all in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Road Traffic Acts, the standard/legislation that all companies that excavate in the highway work too.
So the first demand!! was for a copy of it (an A3 folder about 1inch thick) which was answered with go buy your own from HMSO
Then the sudden realisation that they didn't actually know what it was
That they as the site owner had no procedure to cover this type of work
and my comment that their H&S system was suspect if they didn't!
Face it here is a legal document that covers the safety requirements on roads, they have about 2 miles of them on their site so from an H&S point of view that is best practice and should be taken account of.
I did agree that as I was going back to the office to bring our copy to show them what I was talking about, did so which resulted in them leaving site quickly never to return.

It's common in private industry for companies to have procedures to cope with their own staff, to cope with contractors but not to cope with statutory authorities so they end up trying to adapt existing procedures to fit - usually resulting in adverse affects on our safety and conflicting with our H&S policies and our legal duties.

Though it is odd that if their electricity supply has failed we never ever see them!
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