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I totally agree with what you have said. We only need to look at Busters post on his training on bushfires to show that. I should have been more clear in my request. She needs to show both the positive and negatives. Things like the famous banning of playing conkers by kids at school as it was deemed dangerous and then the risk assesment that said they could if they wore goggles and gloves. I used to risk assess myself for about 10 years, (predominantly fire safety) so I too know the good it does, but, sometimes, are things taken too far? Do I need a warning on the side of the milk carton in the fridge telling me that it MAY contain milk? Health and Safety undoubtedly needs tightening up across a wide spectrum of industries. Are the rules being brought in mainly because people are becoming more cosseted and unaware of real world dangers and the 'sue them' culture that pervades everyday life?

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