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Picking up from Lars, I have been involved with H&S for over 20 years. In that time I have not seen any legislation that goes too far, what I do see far too often is individual/group interpretation of legislation that goes too far!
Whilst those involved think they are doing a good job, often, it denigrates the intent of legislation to a degree that makes the resulting "outcry" and reaction lead to risks. These decisions are, in my view, nothing to do with H&S but more to do with fears (ofen unfounded) of liability. And the "own agenda" of insurance companies (I have experienced this)
It's easier to say no than work to find a safe solution to allow an activity to go forward. Which is the intent of the legislation!

Outside aviation by far the majority of H&S legislation is non-proscriptive and puts the onus to develop safe working practices to the employer
Look up "The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974", and "The Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1992" on the internet.
There is little or any "you will do this in this situation" and lots of "employers/emploees should/must develop proceedures"
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