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Let me start by saying that I no longer work in the aviation industry. I now earn a crust working in the petrochemical industry. There are however, a number of parallels to be drawn with the aviation world in terms of safety. Most importantly, if we **** up, people tend to die.

So the proposition is:

'Has health and safety gone too far?'
From my point of view it has not gone far enough (standby for incoming on this thought). My view is that everyone has the right to go to work and EXPECT to come home unhurt.

Oh, sure. There are some idiocies out there in terms of some of the individual rules and regs that go through the system unchecked and with a lack of application of common sense. In the same way there are some companies out there that pay lip service to industry standards and to applicable legislation. And you will find a few of these in the aviation world.

Much of the argument your daughter intends to expound is based on what I would call 'macho' attitudes. Forget that. It hurts people.

Sorry mate, while people are still being injured or killed at work, the fact is that the education, training (and legislation) of the companies that employee decent people to work for them still needs to be stronger.


(all accidents are avoidable)
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