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Morale at Aero still very low and even EC225 crew are now resigning - one guy even turned down an EC225 course and has just joined Bristow.

Caverton are planning to operate Twinned Ooters between Warri and the Forcados strip. As for their 412s . Who will fly them? They have no pilots left with any credibility - except in screwing things up and/or trying to cover them up.

Neverpay are making lots of big talk but their newly hired big oga has little real experience in Nigeria and no experience of running contracts. Rumor has it that agip and Total were less than impressed at the presentations they were given - even though they're not particularly happy with Aero right now. They're talking about a couple 412s and a bunch of 139s but it'll cost them a fortune to have those sitting round at a book value of $50 mil plus with no work and no hangar. Let's see, but Nabil and Mani should chew them up for breakfast. One thing they do have on their side is that they're rumored to be paying top $$$, so with the unhappy state of aero/CHC they may well attract a few guys to cross over.

With so may pilots laid off and those who have quit Aero may now be getting short of pilots to man their existing contracts. I wonder how many of those they 'let go' would be willing to come back if asked.

Interesting times, but unsettling and not very happy for all but a few - including 'biggest' it seems.
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