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My understanding was that ATP guys will get slipped in between wings cadets as and when placements become available based on when they completed their AQC relative to other ATP guys. Contractually, I can't say whether the various agreements CTC have in place favour Wings cadets over ATP guys. However, the Wings cadets hold pool will build quickly as a number of CP's who have been bunched up together finish within a month or two of each other - not sure what that number is, but something in the region of 30 can't be too far off the mark. Given that cadets are much greater stakeholders in CTC (to the amount of about 60k compared to what ATP guys pay), seeing a number of ATP guys given priority would likely create a great deal of upset! However, none of us manage that policy.

(Sepi, i envy you down in Cyprus mate! It's bloody freezing here!)
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