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RobStob, look at page one of this thread, still by far the most useful page you will see. As I understand things have changed very slightly but you won't go far wrong with the info you find there.

PAJ, you are on the ball with numbers, its 38 in the pool plus a handful of BA guys with another 10...ish joining in the next few weeks, after that roughly 12 a month is not a bad guestimate, sometimes less. The guys dropped by Easy and Monarch aren't taking cadet jobs as such and neither are ATP guys. WWW stop making up numbers, please!

Speculating on the size of the hold pool tomorrow would be both flawed and a waste of this thread as only a select few actually know. These are hard times for those waiting and for those joining the pool in the near future but what to do. If you are joining CTC tomorrow, you will finish in a different climate so go enjoy NZ!
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