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Funny that. We sometimes have to read checklists while the office is shaking about, so I guess that reading them with bloody fingermarks all over them is a similar challenge.

Don't know what triggered this memory, but...

Many, many moos ago, there was a surgeon. He was very good at his job, and everyone treated him like a god. Sadly, he slowly succumbed to what might well have been Alzheimer's. At first, just a few things went wrong, nothing unusual for this era, but soon he was making radical incisions where before he taught conservative intrusions into the flesh. Many patients died, but he was so respected, that all that observed him thought there must have been good reason for what he was doing. It took a long time for someone brave enough to pipe up. From a book called something like History of Surgery. I read it while I was supposed to be studying airy-planes.
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