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Recent updates from CTC managment:

As you know, we started type rating training speculatively with a number of Cadets to avoid a potential bulge in the early part of this year and we have recently been able to confirm that all 32 of those Cadets will go onto Base and Line training. What is less certain for the moment is the commitment period from easyJet. By that I mean, at this moment we do not know, indeed easyJet do not know, whether or not those Cadets will be employed at the end of the 6 month Line Training period.
At least they're being open about employment prospects after 6 months...

There is now an opportunity to place a significant number with Aer Lingus at their Gatwick base. Aer Lingus has made a presentation to all concerned and interviews are currently being planned. The airline's intake will be 16 immediately, followed by an additional 16 later in the year. 9 candidates have been planned for interview this week and the remainder will interview in Feb and March
Whether these opportunities materialise is open to debate (form an orderly queue please), however at least the airlines are talking
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