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Flippin 'ek! That's 19,1/2 stone innit?

Bloke said to me in one of my Christmas pudding phases, "Want to get rid of 20lbs of ugly fat?"

"Yes!" Says I, all wide-eyed with anticipation.

"Cut yer head off." Laughs he, as he beat a hasty retreat.

I've concluded that Lippo-suction is the only real answer. From the day I decided I'd got a weight problem, I've gone from 13 - 15 stone and back with monotonous regularity. Am I right in saying that the cells stay there, we just fill or empty them?

Work like hell to empty them, then see them fill up just by looking at a cake.

That sipping water thing I've talked about. Every time I wanted a cigar or a cake, I sipped at the water. Worked for me.
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