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Originally Posted by dubh12000
For my own clarification, are we talking about the stronger green [email protected] here in general, or just those tiny red ones?
This is discussed earlier on in this thread, but you're excused from reading through all 11 pages!

In brief, the 'tiny red ones' used as handheld pointers during lectures are limited to something like 1mW and are considered safe. Much the same applies to the slightly more powerful ones sold for jobs such as levelling a structure on a building site, as they're normally used under controlled conditions.

So yes, we're talking about the stronger green [email protected] which can be up to 100 to 300 mW, yet be still handheld.... They seem to have a few legal uses, but most now seem to end up with chavs and yobbos using them to burn legs off chairs and put the resulting video on YouTube, or indeed to target aircraft.

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