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I hear from friends still in Nigeria that many pilots are in the process of deserting the sinking ship of CHC/Aero for Bristow - just as well as I've had enquiries from a several people at Eket since the ambush who are looking at leaving Bristow there. Their management just doesn't get it. There's only so much you can do to improve security and then for people to accept the risk you have to offer them other incentives, like $$$, as ADA do for pilots working in Afghanistan. If you pay enough $$$$ you'll nearly always get enough people .
There is a small glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel with rumors that Oni is returning this year. At least there's a guy who understands Nigeria - though he's not always been a people person. Here's hoping that his time in Aberdeen has changed that and helped him develop new skills. By all accounts he's very well liked and respected there. Of course 2 other major obstacles remain in operations management and I don't suppose there's any news of replacements on that front?
For all my many friends still in Nigeria, may 2009 be a safe and prosperous year for you. Keep your heads down, your wits about you and may your sense of humor as always be high
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