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Wot's this 'at TIME two zero' stuff? How's about '(place) at two zero'.

Not that insertion of the extra word is all that important as long as the message is clear, but I suggest we all refrain from putting our own spin on what should be said and just go back to the AIP for guidance, bearing in mind that it is a guidance document and does not claim to cover every situation. When the situation warrants, use plain language in as few words as possible. One of the many of my pet R/T hates is 'climbing to Flight Levels'. Another is ' an IFR Boeing 737 jet'. In the first case, totally useless information - in the second, an excess of useless information. If told it's a Boeing or an A320 or whatever, surely that's enough to tell even farmer Brown in his little Cessna that it's big, it's fast, the crew probably isn't looking out the window, they think they are more important anyway, and whether he agrees or not about the importance bit, he needs to keep clear.
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