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Your right, and also page 127 of the VFG

Pilots of radio-equipped VFR aircraft must listen out on the appropriate VHF
frequency (CAR 243) and announce if in potential conflict. Pilots intercepting
broadcasts from aircraft in their vicinity which are considered to be in potential
conflict with their own aircraft must acknowledge by transmitting own callsign
and, as appropriate, aircraft type, position, actual level and intentions.
When approaching an aerodrome and in the vicinity, all radio-equipped aircraft
must broadcast on the CTAF:
• callsign and aircraft type;
• position (reported as distance with either the radial bearing, or quadrant
from the aerodrome);
• level; and
• intentions.
“Bundaberg Traffic, Zulu Foxtrot Romeo, Cessna 172, One Five miles West, Two
Thousand Five hundred, Inbound, Circuit area Bundaberg at time Zero Two”

A no brainer really, and it comes back to Wally 2's point on "Airmanship". What about we all sing from the one song sheet. It'll save a lot of angst as well as possible grief.

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