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I have to say any jet crew that believe they are too busy to use quadrants in a radio call and then expand if necessary the detail of extra tracking such as DME arcs etc probably should NOT be up front.

It really is simple. rememeber some of these pilots of smaller aircraft possibly only have a few hours, maybe 1 or 2 solo. They will need consideration and will be hesitant about radio's.

Its utter garbage and I find it hard to imagine any one really believes that VFR pilots should be studying IFR charts.

Lets turn the tables, how many IFR guys do carry WAC charts or any topographical charts for all their destinations? I can tell you not many of the guys I fly with do.

I regularly drag my old WAC ouit going into Gove when the Airvan calls inbound, taxiing, departing for a place I cant pronounce let alone find on the map. That is equally as stupid as the IFR guy using weighpoints on a instrument approach.

The one thing every one seems to agree on is if wome dimwit pilot makes a call that is not clear then we should ask!

Another suggestion is to submit a report, CAIR or not. The individual pilot will most likely not even hear about it, its the system at fault and the system that needs changing. Enough reports and that MAY happen.
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