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When to Do an Instrument approach

If the weather was "severely clear" should RPT crews be conducting instrument approaches?

Have a look at CAR 166 (2)(d):

The pilot in command of an aircraft that is being operated in the vicinity of a non‑controlled aerodrome must:

unless subregulation (3) or (4) applies when approaching the aerodrome to land, join the circuit pattern for the direction in which landing is to be undertaken on the upwind, crosswind or downwind leg;
and CAR 166 (5)

Paragraphs (2) (d) and (3) (b), (c) and (d) do not apply if:

(a) the pilot is conducting an instrument approach in I.M.C.; and

(b) the instrument approach procedure positions the aircraft to join the circuit other than on the upwind, cross‑wind or down‑wind leg of the circuit pattern.
Also refer to AIP ENR 1.1 64.2

An aircraft approaching a non-towered aerodrome for a landing
should join the circuit in accordance with para 64.5 unless it is:
a. following an instrument approach procedure in IMC;
The bolding is mine. The regs and AIP do explicilty allow the 5 mile final straight in procedure as well but the quotes were too large.

My question is do pilots have the discretion to carry out an RNAV GNSS approach at a non-towered aerodrome in VMC? One reading of the regs says no they do not.

I understand that this may be a case of inapropriate regulation but it would avoid the concerns of the originator of this thread.

NOtimTAMs, if it really is a concern to you submit a REPCON report
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