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They canceled they're bookings especially batanes because Chief Pilot "Boy putik" can't even land the MA60! with strong winds! maybe he is afraid to overshoot the aircraft.

"Guess what"!!!!! For the first time the FIFTH brand new MA60 Failed to be ferried from CLARK to MANILA because the pilot Capt.LINE CHECKER forgot to apply parking brake while he was strarting the A/c and he blame the mechanic for not placing the chocks on the wheels. from what i know who would go out there and get those chock while the A/C is starting?!!!.btw, there was a damaged to the wing i dont know where it hit maybe some tree! LOL!.

The company is really in big mess lots of old school pilots are so proud of who they are and pretend to control over things and there are a lot who is pretenders. there is war between Aircraft to Aircraft! Yikes!

Capt. "M" failed twice on the Airbus training program so other went abroad and flew the BAE. the info came from the assistant chief pilot of the MA60.

Different company, different Aircraft but same old SH***t. if the culture doesn't stop there will be no changes. so the mess isn't just with the passenger but inside the company aswell.

One more thing MA60 First Batch pilots are not yet done with they're IOE (Initial Operating Experience) Capt. BOY PUTIK is choosing who he wants to get into IOE fast. they have 2 instructors who does not know how to speak English!!! and they need a translator for every flight! what the heck! and one more thing these guys are just waiting for they're schedule for almost 3 months. they cant even celebrate a very nice Christmas no money sila!

when will Yao stop listening to CPT. LOUD MOUTH?!

Capt VP operations! Do something! atleast your the last resort for the Company!

well i spilled the beans this time. Merry Christmas! lets wait what will happen with company next year.
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