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Read my posts carefully. I did not make the querying call and I was not stressed or distracted - I was on frequency, nearby but not in the way (124.2 covers Casino, Lismore, Ballina & Evans Head BTW). I admit I must only be an "amateur" with just over 1000 hours and a CIR maintained current "only" since 2001, but a set of DAPs is by my side when flying IFR - with the enroute plates already pulled and on my kneeboard....I do not expect other folks flying VFR X country to do the same, however.

You will be interested to know that ASA will not be updating DAPs online in the near future (or I believe making them available on line, so I also do not expect that VFR drivers to go and buy a set ....

Zed - the call may not be queried if the receiving individual does not realise that there may be a possible conflict if the initial call is incorrect. I also cannot accept that procedural matters such as these are not covered in check and training, either.

If I was a passenger on J* (and I am sometimes) I would be VERY concerned that communications OCTA and in CTAFs are not conducted routinely in a manner that reduces risk, no matter who may be listening (from other RPT to itinerant VFR RA-Aus). I would also be very concerned to find that this is not emphasised for ops OCTA. J* is not the only one concerned here, I'll admit, but the problem is unfortunately common enough for concern. That is the point of the thread.
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