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Ok look, I need some night hours, spend lots of time flying over water anyway. Tell you what, you pay for my airfare over there and i'll fly it back for you one night. I have my own survival suit and not really bothered about the water bit anymore.
Are you serious Helimutt? If so, you must be pretty desperate for night hours.. I fly an IFR twin (float equipped with raft ELTs and Lifejackets) across the North Channel (Irish Sea) several times a week, day and night and I wouldn't even consider doing a night crossing in an R22 at this time of year.

Lately the freezing level has been between 1000 & 2000ft, and while the METARS for say, Belfast and Prestwick can on occasion seem quite good, I often encounter low cloud, mist, rain showers, turbulence etc, over the sea, meaning I have to go IMC for periods. If you go low level you will have no comms with any ground stations, and little chance of a visual horizon at night. It sounds highly risky to me.

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