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Out of 5 schools I flew at they all had similar no show policies, and they were UK/USA/Cyprus. A valid reason is obviously OK, but something like sleeping in, or late were not accepted after the first warning.

Your correct there is no night qualification under FAA.

I know of at least 6 schools who use this method to send Foreign Licence pilots solo at night.

Your local FSDO will be able to verify that as long as you have the current bi-annual (Something which isn't in the FARs but is in the DPE handbook) and night endorsement your good to go.
Part of the basis of this is because, the night is not a RATING, and works in the same way as say; a complex endorsement.

And the last scenario doesn't work because a multi engine is a RATING.

Neither does a JAA PPL say anywhere that the "privileges may not be
exercised at night" there is no worded restriction on the JAA Licence.

It's all in the tiny technical details.
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