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If you have even one no show(s) you probably need to evaluate whether you have the personal standards required to be a pilot...
No show is always possible, for whatever reason. You're dealing with people here remember.

Also if the instructor who gave the night training gave the night endorsement, then that makes your FAA PPL valid at night even though it's based on the JAA licence, which doesn't have the night qualification yet.
Sorry, have to disagree with you again......
No it doesn't. FAA PPL includes the night, there is no night qualification under FAA.
The only night exemption is if you reside and take your flight training in Alaska.
You cannot claim privileges, for which you have taken the training, that are not listed on your certificate yet.
The FAA restricted carries all limitations listed on the foreign license; if there are no night privileges on your foreign license you cannot fly at night..period.
They have to be added first by the CAA, then you need to apply for a new restricted.

Consider this scenario:

Lets say I hold a JAA PPL SEP. I apply for and receive a US certificate based on it.
I take MEP training at one of the JAA approved schools in the US.
I pass a skills test with a JAA examiner.
So training is completed and skills test passed.
Can I now go fly a N-registered twin solo (or with passengers even) because I have done the training?


Remember, the US restricted I hold carries all the privileges and restrictions of my JAA PPL (SEP)
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