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I just got back from hour building in florida. Went with Aussie Air. Tricky to get the hours I wanted to do, due to availability and in the begining they wanted me to do it all at night. I was a bit reluctant to begin doing 4hrs per night due to the fact I had just gotten my night rating.
The night rating i got at oba. They told me i didn't need TSA/Visa or any of that stuff which saved a lot of paper work. Also their price includes accomm. Just went over on the visa waiver program and got 50 hrs in 3 weeks and a night rating
MetalGear, I assume you did you time building on a US "restricted" Certificate?
Or do you hold a full FAA PPL?

In case of the restricted certificate all of your night flying is dodgy.
The restricted is called restricted because it carries all of the restrictions of the foreign license it is based on.
The night qualification at OBA was not added to it yet.
So even though you did the night qualification it wasn't added yet to your foreign license. So you did not hold the proper certification to fly at night in the US on a N-registered airplane.

From the pft website mentioned above:

Professional Flight Training's offices are open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. They are closed on Sunday. Flight Instruction is available seven days per week including early mornings and evenings. Professional Flight Training does not permit overnight travel, trips out of state, and/or to the Bahamas.

Due to the intense nature of our programs, on time attendance is a must. A student must cancel his/her lesson with the school a minimum of 24 hours in advance of any scheduled flight or ground instruction. If a student is twenty minutes or more late for a lesson, then the lesson will be canceled and the student will be charged as a “No Show”. Also, if a student reports for a lesson and does not meet the school's minimum financial requirements for receiving instruction, then the lesson will be canceled and the student will be charged as a no-show. If a student incurs three no show fees within a thirty day period, the student may be asked to leave the program and will be charged as if the lesson had taken place.
That's pretty harsh.....
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