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Fright safety special

With interest I read the supplement "That was close" in the latest 'Fright Safety Special' Mag from our friends CASA.
About time we got something like this, as mentioned elsewhere within thes pages we lack good stories/experiences from the old 'Crash Comic'

I note that one contributor mentioned he almost landed wheels up in a PA31. (the scene was set for it alright as he mentioed) Although I enjoyed his story & his honesty I am still bemused at those that either forget the wheels prior to ldg or those that actually have landed gear up. Now I'm not having a go at this guy or any other person in particular ( I say that 'cause a few in here have nasty streaks). His excess speed approaching the ldg strip should have made alarm bells go off especially when he had 1000's of hrs on type. (as I said this is not directed at him, he is juts a good EG.) Even after many 1000's of hrs in planes that have wheels going up/down I still use that "PUFF" check taught back from day one, and that even goes for when I was driving a small jet! Yeah I know there's those that have & those that will, (Inc our precious Dept as it was known back then) but I don't buy that. I reckon I look at the '3 greens' many times prior to touchdown, you?

Other stories within this lift-out are very interesting & make for great reading & also ought to be mandatory reading for those that venture into IMC especially in a SE, legal or otherwise.
So for now am keen to hear others little 'hints' as to help not to land wheels up for Eg
Positive comments hey fellows

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