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You guys just forgot one big detail the most spoken language in South America is not spanish. It's portuguese as Brasil with s not z (nobody says SUA instead of USA do they? So why change the name of the country) accounts to 200milion or the population of the rest of the continent combined. Second some Americans trend to tinks latin american involves everyone and South Americans are all spanish well that's not true in South America there are several countries that are not spanish and don't even have a culture similar to spanish countries all Guyanas and Trinidad/Tobago to name some and Brasil is not similar to spanishes contries neither by food nor by culture.
To add even more most of pilots and population in Brasil don't speak english.
So to make more sense and be more politically correct my sugestion is you divide the forums in South America, Central America and this way kepp the english language as standard (in this case I would agree) or let the LATIN america speak any of the LATIN laguages not only spanish as Italian is also Latin, Romenian is also Latin, Spanish and French as well of course don't forget the Portuguese.
So unless you get moderators for all these languages change the forums to South America and Central America make it correct Latin America does not exist in any atlas, it's just a discriminating way to US people to refer to whoever is born south of their borders in the same continent.
It's time to stop this arrogance and not nice aproachto other cultures as we already elected finally a Black President here we should learn how to respect other cultures and stop changing the world map.
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