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I wonder just how much truth there is in the story. If it is of the same standard as many of the "stories" in the Daily Wail, it will be just that, a story (even the details are garbled in the piece), an inflated piece of nonsense, based on the flimsiest foundation, whipped up to stir the ire of Middle Englanders.

If a "retired member of the RAF" can't tell the difference between an NCO's and an Officer's uniform, then how would he know that wearing medal ribbons was illegal?

As far as it goes, many descendants of decorated and now deceased servicemen proudly, and rightly, wear their relatives' medals at Remembrance Day services and, whilst they have a legitimate reason and the contestant didn't, the practice, if illegal, has been allowed for decades and the law is supposed to be evenly applied.

I saw Monday's edition of UC and my only thought was that it always amazed me, and still does, how many young people will happily wear redundant military uniform from choice, whilst at the same keeping as far away as possible from military service.

On the point of the Police "having to investigate a complaint", how come that doesn't apply when petty robberies from cars (radios and such) are reported and all the Police are prepared to do is issue a crime number to back an insurance claim?
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