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Some good comments & thoughts here, a more serious subject than most aviation related ones.
"Chairman" well said:-)

Having been a manual worker all my life (holiday job now though) and born to Mr & Mrs average who had little all their lives I can't help but think todays society is a very different animal. To get what you wanted you simply got yr hands dirty & struggled big time 'till you got where you wanted to go. Nowadays the youth have totally different ideas. (18 yr old daughter & she knows it all!!) The best advice I can give is if you have a stable job STAY there unless yr dead sure another job is better. And to anyone still young enough to listen & do something about it is to spend as little as possible & save as much as possible, the pain now from doing that will be minute compared to where we are heading now. Bricks & mortar, shares to me are like standing in quicksand, it's only a matter of time before you go under anyway. Personal opinion only & you seek independent financial advice prior to doing anything CW says
To cut to the core, we are in for a rough ride in the future & only sensible decisions will see you thru.

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