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I know and I see this from many posts here. I am in the very fortunate situation because I have worked hard to get where I am today, and I have lived periods with nothing, so know also how it is to starve.

Being stubborn for your dream is good, it has taken me longer time than expected, and it has taken me a couple of years to decide and the full support of my wife to finally have a go.

Still I can continue my online business full time, both now during schooling and later when I eventually manage to get a job.

I probably will make more money with my business than as a pilot, and if all goes well I might have both, my business and a decent flying job.
I could lazy around at home, and live a comfortable life without jumping back into this crazy life, but that would be just to boring.

But I want to get out flying, air taxi, maybe regional scandinavien airlines or even to Colombia (as my wife is from there) - not disregarding instructing, but thats not my first choice at my current age, I rather want to fly myself, but who knows.

But all life just pushing a button on a A320, might as well just flight sim at home with FSX.
Personally I am against the TR and line training, but due to my age and situation it would be something I would consider. Still it would not be my first choice if the right options become available, I am not going to be a hypocrite to say I would NEVER do TR course, eg. a Ryan Air TR course - if presented with this chance.
But I would not expect this is the first step in a pilot career.
I have lived a fun and cool life until now, probably much more glamours than a pilot career would ever be able to be, my CV would probably be one of the strangest ever, so who knows if I would even ever get a job, having been self employed since I was 20!

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