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I agree with what youíre saying but I must add that itís because of this 'I want' society that we live in today.

The dream airline job at the moment isn't about flying small aircraft around the country or jumping the Scottish Isles delivering mail and newspapers. It's about making 100k a year, chatting up blonde cabin crew, flying huge multi million pound aircraft while travelling the world. Everyone thinks the pilot career is glamorous, go tell anyone that you want to be a pilot and see what they say to you.
If you have your heart and mind set on a dream it's almost impossible to pull you away from it. Most people will be too stuborn to even consider the negative aspects of the job, they would rather dive head first and make the risk. Meaning you're easy prey for the big FTOs and their experienced marketing staff.

The wannabes who are of similar age to yourself have been through life; they have seen the marketing guys, dealt with idiots at work, understand how fast money can dissapear therefore you're a bit more cautious where you place your cash.

Flying hands on is the proper flying, but many people just want the fantasty lifestyle not the flying.
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