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As another has said a slow down for sure.

Pubs & vars etc. will always have patrons, even if the wold stopped dead the pubs will still have the 'usuals' & some

Electical equip such as TV's will always be in demmand, people will go without other things to get the biggest & latest 'waste of time contraptions'

Holidays may suffer slightly but people will still travel by air for other reasons like family etc. 'cause it's never been cheaper than it has in the last 10 yrs & it's now a normal mode of transport even for the poor.

And as for tradies? Well don't talk to me about those useless bums (not all though) They will always be in demand simply 'cause most people can't fix/do things themselves, (nor are they allowed too with ref elect & plumbing )their too busy watching tha plasma bought with the lattest Govt handout!

Interest rates are down so that alone sparks a spending spree but only to be paid on the 'never never'! at a latter date.
For now the economy is down to the investots etc. but not to Mr & Mrs Joe Average, as long as they have credit cards & the banks are falling over themselves to lend money like it's Monopoly money then the economy is booming.
I'd hate to be a youngster now, it's a roller coaster ride for them .I've worked hard to get all I need & owe nufin' to nobody
Property, that's the way to go long term

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