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Thanks for all the great advice fellas............

Yes it's only serious if the engine fails..... If it was any other time of year I would much prefer a engine failure over water than land in a 22, I know i'm gonna get....well if you auto right you'll be fine.....blah blah blah.... To be honest you can practice engine off's day in day out, but it all depends what actually happens when it does go for real.... and especially whats below, all very well having lots of fields in the UK, but go find one that is'nt ploughed this time of year..... there few and far between!

If it was lovely sunshine I'd much rather loose a 22 to the sea than rolling it on a field or wires etc... Obviously it's the damn water temp thats the problem with the Irish sea! you'd nearly be dead before you drowned!

I'll look into the options, maybe getting it shipped....

But ya know some times engines don't stop! hehe.

Oh and MR HUGHES 500, I know theres a few 22's about the UK but we're not all fortunate enough to be flying the ferrai of the skys! I'd like to fly a 500 more than any other ship in the world! Hell i'd just like ago in one! It was that helicopter that got me hooked on the damn things! Larry Hagmens, Deadly Encounter film, awesome!
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