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Very roughly:

PPL: 6,000
Hour Building: 6,500
Bristol.GS: 2,200
CPL/ME: 6,400
IR: 11,300
MCC: 3,000
CAA exam / Test / Issue Fees: 3,000

Comes to 38,400

Travel and expenses are difficult to factor in but came to less than 2000 incl landing fees. I live 10 mins from EGCC so quite lucky.

I could have hour built in a C152 instead of an Archer III saving me about 2000. Another 1000 could have been saved on my MCC.

The US for PPL and HB are further savings.

PPL and hour building prices are circa 2006/7 prices to give a balanced arguement.

35k may be at the low end, but certainly 'doable'.

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