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If somebody has built up debts of 88K, than sorry to say they have dug their own grave, and its the making of their own stupidity.

Why I say that?

Simple, in the OLD days, the people I knew would take it step by step or intergrated, but with partial saved money and borrowed money. Knowing the danger, uncertainity of the future at all times, I would say without making a plan and try to follow this plan/budget - with regards to training, renewals, ratings + +, it would lead to the person in question getting under enormous pressure.

If you want to go this route, no matter which way, you should have thought of ways to get some of the cash together in advance, by other means than borrowing the money.

I understand this might not be easy, but it might mean sacrifice of luxuries, leaving at home with parents, working 12 hours a day to save money for what you want to do.

That time, 20 years ago, thats what I did for my own PPL that time, before I stopped that time I had 130 hours, I was 21 years old. My family gave me NOTHING, but I went working in a factory from 10 to 10, every krone (scandinavia) I spent on flying. I calculated that time I probably spent 11.000 in 1988 - 1990 (17 -20), same time I took my A-levels - finished at 18. PPL finished at 18.
I had no debts on any of that.

Today I will do the same, I am having my PPL renewed, have 20K saved up, + I work full time with my own business, I do not intend to borrow any money for CPL/IR, maybe I will consider this for TR or/and line training, however by that time, I hope to have another 20K saved up, of my own money to spend on this.

I have credit cards given in all directions, probably can go and spend around 30K with my credit cards + I can borrow unsecured another 10K if I want, but would be a killer to that in the start, and I would say that is to well thought out by the people who have done it.

They have not had patient to do it the right way in that case, and you would have to question somebodies judgement if they go and get 88K debts without a proper plan, and without any other potenial income.

I do understand, with flying there is more craziness than intelligence sometimes, at least for younger guys/girls, why the rush? Work it out slowly and secure, without breaking your backs and mental health,
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