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What has changed in the last 20 years?

Having seen many friend and previous instructors around 20 years all become pilots with smaller or larger carriers, I wonder whats the fuss is about todays current market for pilot jobs.

All the ones I knew from that time, spent 3 to 6 years working as insturctors, air taxi etc. with another full time job, to get hours and airline jobs. None of the guys I know from that time got jobs with 250 hours at airlines that time, but they all ended up with jobs in SAS, Cathay, Singapore Airlines, Wideroe etc.

So my question why does some people here think they have the right to get a RH jet seat after 250 hours CPL/IR and ATPL theory course/exams.

On average most of the guys I know had to work 1 or 2 extra jobs while flying instructor at low pay, but in the end they got there.

Another aspect is the calculation of the TR when self funded, and programs like Eagle Jet etc. - Now some say this is so wrong, should not pay to fly. My sister is studying medicine, and when finish she will have a debt of 140.000.
Modualar route will cost approx. 35.000.
Choose to fly and build hours for 3 to 6 years, how much will these years cost you in loss of potential income? Compared to biting the bullet and buying package of 500 hours with TR for around 30.000. You are paying to get experience, as you all pay to get your CPL/IR on single, small multi - but normally NO experience on Jet within these basic hours.
Work for 3 years as instructor equals X amount of Pounds.
Alternative 35.000 on TR and 500 hours in 12 months (OK I am one of lucky ones, as I could work with my own business even if am flying)
Still the loss of potenial income over 3 to 5 years screwing around with BS jobs, would more than equal the costs of the TR and the line training you pay for.

If you can't get a job after 500 on type and TR, than that is hard luck, but I believe the odds should be better than a 250 with 30 Multi engine hours on a Diamond.
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