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I remember this incident being used as an example to ensure all equipment was checked throughly before use whilst doing my TSOC many years ago on joining TSW.
There was a similar incident that happened at R850 whilst a Lynx was being refuelled. No fire ensued due to the quick reactions of the refueller but he did get pretty bad fuel burns after jumping on the snaking hose and using his body to stop the fuel spraying towards the aircraft whilst the pump was stopped. The incident was traced back to the mk1 QR coupling that although not the prefered choice due to its easily activated QR action and lack of cut-off valve had to be used due to supply shortages of the prefered, improved mk2 coupling.
BTW, I believe the US incident happened due to the method at the time used which had the full weight of the hose from where it left the ground being supported by the smaller (and weaker) US used QR coupling rather than having the hose trailed up and across the top of the inboard weapon pylon to reduce the weight being supported.
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