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CHC/Aero is flying the 2 EC225s and they're crewed and maintained mainly by French men. The fixed wing side has sort of split with ACN but on the rotary side - who knows? Somebody, but they sure as hell aren't telling the guys and gals in the mushroom compost . With Bristow apparently having got Agbami 2 of the S76s (BCX and BIV) may be off contract when the Bristow S92 arrives later this month.

Meanwhile, there is a lot more to be played out with Bristow and national pilots. That fool 'Foamy, Kill-em, Coolings' has decided to throw kerosine on a fire which was dying and doubtless his co-conspirator Mike, Himmler, A$$lick' who returns to Nigeria today will will help him make a nuclear explosion out of a matchstick . I hope for wiser, cooler counsel to prevail but when you have a donkey like A$$lick, an assassinator like Coolings and poorly led and advised young men all in the same room the sparks which may fly could ignite a conflagration which all involved may be unable to extinguish. I pray that all the parties to the Bristow dispute will keep cool, talk and act reasonably and find a compromise acceptable to all.

So, Wrenchturner, wait small to see what will finally come out of the melting pots which are Aero and Bristow now. By the start of 2009 we all hope that the way forward will have been decided and that peace and progress will prevail in both companies. There is so much work and potential in Nigeria now and we all hope the policy makers will demonstrate the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon to get both of the major players on the Nigerian helicopter scene back on course again.

Remember, there is a watcher in the wings, Caverton Helicopters, who stand to gain from all of this. They don't really deserve to, but if Bristow and Aero continue on their present courses, they certainly will.
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