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1, you need to fill out a form on the FAA website here:

Airmen Certification: Verify the Authenticity of a Foreign License, Rating, or Medical Certification

and fax them back to FAA and CAA (CAA will charge you about 40 for the priviledge), you need to start this about 90 days before you are due to go, mind you if you fax the forms it will happen a lot quicker, mine took two weeks.
There is no night rating just a night qualification, 3 hours dual, 2 solo, although I think if you don't have this they can mark your FAA license with a no night restriction.

2, Correct
3, Correct and yes you need to get an I-20 off a school to start the visa process.
Last one is wrong, you need to have at least the FAA based on license to fly PIC in the US.
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