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Thanks for replys guys.
Slight change of plan now. I am now going to travel to Florida just for hour building to begin with. I think ill go with Air America Flight Centre. ($68 an hour for their C150 sounds good to me?) While im over there ill visit a few schools and see which would be most suitable for CPL, Multi rating etc.
Ive been told a few conflicting stories, which i hope someone will be able to clear up.

Heres my understanding:

1. Verification of Foreign Licence: I need to fill out application form and send to FAA along with copies of my JAA PPL and JAA Medical. But, do i need to first do a night rating? Ive been told the FAA PPL entitles you to fly at night, and therefore i need to do my night rating before i go?

2. TSA: Only needed for multi rating? Not needed for hour building / CPL / night rating?

3. M1 Visa: Only needed for training (CPL / Multi / Night) But not needed to hour build? Can i apply for M1 Visa now, or do i need to first pick school and get them to send me I-20 application form?

Lastly, i have been told that if i just get a FAA Medical, I will be able to do a checkout with an aircraft rental company / FAA school, and hour build till my hearts content, as if I was a solo FAA student? Sounds a bit dodge, but if anyone can offer any wisdom on this?

Thanks again.
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