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i know for a fact no one has been sent to an airline through atp as of yet.

atp is a money making scheme

the aviation world is really changing... just like in any industry there are lots of small companies making money out of "innocent wannabe hopefuls..(pilots)"

if you dont believe me..which is understandable...
wait to see results before you invest in this course.
ask to speak to the pilots that have been sent to the airline..i dont think that is too much to ask for $46000.

good luck what ever you do.. please be careful of atp
Only 2 posts and it doesn't take a genius to work out which airline you work for, but as there are more than 2 partner airlines on the ATP scheme I wonder at your assumptions.

Of course its a money making scheme - aren't all businesses?

Its not just aviation that's changing - the world is changing and this is not the first time people ('innocent wanabees' oh pleeeease) have had to pay for any kind of training - history has many examples.

If it gives you an edge I say go for it, after all the days of paid-for type ratings are long gone in my opinion. As for the pleasure/or not of flying with some of the ATP guys and girls, I find that a crass comment, but I'm sure they would voice the same opinion about you.

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