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I know the pilot's sister, and I have a good mate working for MAF in Arnhem Land at the moment. Really bad news.

FRQ Charlie Bravo:

- MAF don't operate any flights as private, all pilots are CPL or ATPL and all operations whether it be medevac, cargo transport, passenger flights are chartered and paid for, albeit on a not for profit basis. It's not some backyard operator.

- It's fairly common for MAF to do fuel deliveries, especially in Arnhem Land where the distances are wide and most roads are poor, turning to impassable in the wet season. Heavy falls have come early this year too. It could be diesel or AVGAS for one of MAF's outstations or for a settlement. It's a massive area they cover.

- All MAF pilots are DG compliant and MAF are authorised to carry DGs cargo.
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