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OK, CT, I accept there is a possible weakness

The real Q however is whether this matters at all.

The actual skills set required for actual IFR flight is so far below the training/checkride level, it hardly matters.

In my FAA IR, I spent two weeks (this is post-IMCR, and with 500hrs TT and about 80hrs on instruments before starting the IR) being totally knackered every day, banging VORs, LOCs, GSs, DMEs, you name it. Partial panel approaches with just the compass and using timed turns, down to minima every time. Just to get that magical bit of paper.

But what does one actually do in Europe? It's all RNAV so you fly on the GPS. The only time I use conventional navaids is for the occassional SIDs - my rather simple IFR GPS (KLN94) has poor representations of these procedures - and of course when flying an ILS.
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