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I don't buy that - if one is talking about relevant flying competence. If one is talking about flying NDB holds to 0.1 degree accuracy then certainly the JAA system is going to be more rigorous, but if one was going to match competence to the actual requirements of IFR flight, there is no difference between the two.
IO540 I think you slightly misunderstand me....I wasn't saying that the FAA standards are lower than JAA; all I was saying was that in the opinion of my FAA CFI there are some 'soft' examiners out there in the US that perhaps do not always uphold the standard set. That was simply his view having instructed in the US for a while, worked in a US flying school and seen a variety of students/examiners (as far as I know he has only ever known the FAA system).

While I'm not suggesting for a moment that this is systematic one can surely see considering that the FAA has less control over IR checkrides than the CAA does that this could happen occasionally.

I promise I'm not 'getting at' the FAA.....in the ongoing FAA vs. JAR debate I am on your side.
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