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Suggestions -

Regrettable that this forum (or any other) do not admit other major languages.
Many in our industry in South America are NOT fully fluent in English.
I know pilots who can meet ICAO English minimums but have difficulties with conversation.
And if not conversation, just writing in English. Enough that many of you criticize poor English spelling...
South America is Spanish and Portuguese... you forget Brazil, a powerhouse of aviation...
I have a friend test pilot with Embraer. His English is poor. He reads PPRuNe as a visitor...
Then the Carribean, with small minorities of French or Dutch/Papiamento...
I am not asking to make Quechua, Aymara and Guarani approved languages.
I am asking to make major languages such as Spanish-Portuguese-French-Dutch acceptable.
I read the Italian forum, I understand a lot, yet cannot write/speak Italian...
My Brazilian Portuguese is rather good, but when I speak/write, I mix Spanish and Portuguese.
Suggestion for moderators - Carribean/South America -
A few moderators could share responsibility of the various languages used.
It does not need to be one single moderator's individual responsibility.
The Spanish moderators could help, as well as the French...
How about Canada...? They speak French too...
To my opinion, this forum is far from generating controversies like we read in other forums.
I hardly recall any problems in this forum... unlike "Rumors and News"...

Happy contrails
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