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"I wake up in a cold sweat at the thought of the F-35 going in with only two air dominance weapons", Maj Richard Koch, chief of USAF Air Combat Command's advanced air dominance branch, told an IDGA air-launched weapons conference in Vienna, Va, last week

This is just the sort of stuff that makes me giggle, and if this is the sort of language that is exchanged between the JSF partners, it's little wonder that we've been dragged along in this saga so needlessly. I mean, what is this guy talking about? Going in where precisely? To do what, against whom?

It's quite comical - both Britain and America are busy trying to avoid going bust, and people like Koch are waking-up in cold sweats becaus the F-35 has only two air dominance weapons. I think it speaks volumes for the absurdity of the whole saga.
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