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- we've come a long way since the days of having to actually build aircraft to find out how they fly/handle/operate.....modern modelling and simulation, whilst not being the whole solution, is now suprisingly accurate.
Barn Doors, that's just my point. The faith we have in modern techniques reducing testing and design timescales completely flies in the face of the reality of putting an aircraft together (no pun intended). Surely I don't need to point out the A380, 787 delays to prove my scepticism.

Furthermore, the A380 and 787 are single mission airliners! The C-17 and C-130J both had huge complex issues to solve in their development programmes. The A400M was supposed to replace the C130K - the 'unproven' aspect, I would suggest, is absolutely an argument.

I do, however, agree that cancelling JSF and A400M is not the answer. We may not have that choice, financially.

(Dons floppy hat and shoes...) I propose we accept EADS request to waive late delivery charges. As long as they understand we will take first A400M delivery and make first payment around 2020. Replace the J's which will by then, be shagged...

In the interim, use the money allocated to the A400M to buy C-17's, enhance the J's capabilities and develop the '400 in a sensible timescale.

J's stay at Lyneham 'till endex, A400M arrives at Brize when ready - Catara simplified, Lyneham happy.

I'm still working on my plan for JSF.

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