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Cancellation/delay of A400M would put these ops at considerable risk as the AT fleet cannot cope now!

If A400M is cancelled we'd better start buying wings for the C130Ks and look at some fatique-reducing options for the 'new' C130Js that are already approaching outer-wing fatigue life.
Got to agree with Trukkie here. For the guys on the ground it has to be helo's and AT over future/possible fast air, for pressing concern.

If EADS are attempting to renegotiate the penalty clauses for late delivery, it surely does not bode well for the entire project. No company in this situation would announce the full extent of any delays until the last possible minute.

EADS announces new A400M first flight delay

Not that anybody will be the slightest bit surprised. A400M 'looks' and 'sounds' great in its conception. Although (as I understand it...), delivery #1 is due 2010; of an unproven airlifter, built by a company with zero previous military experience, with brand new hypothetical engines, that are not even straight off the drawing board but a theoretical stab at the world's most powerful turbo-prop.

The thing still hasn't flown.

Which would be fine. Were it not for the immediate and pressing needs.

We have future requirements, lets not forget the here and now.
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