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It was designed to cope with a developed Flanker, assuming parity in radar, avionics and weapons - and that is exactly the threat now being developed and likely to be out there 'tomorrow'.
Why are you so Air-to-Air orientated here? All well and good playing cat and mouse with MiG-this and Su-that to only get your ass burnt off by SA-surprise that Typhoon was NOT designed to be anywhere near!!

Only a witless, innumerate nerk like Lewis Page could get to 160 m GBP......
I neither agree or disagree with your petty journo squabbles, and I didn't get the figure from any of his articles either. Last time I was at CGY there weren't 232 jets on the line and talk was uncertain of getting anywhere near that many. Any way you slice it, Typhoon is already a monster of a money-pit even when the Saudis bailout the production commitment.

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