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Tim and others,

Trying to get the emotion out of the thread, may I offer the following:

Typhoon is an excellent BVR air to air combat aircraft. It's what it's designed to do. It will probably have a very reasonable air to ground facility in a short while. The delta wing layout and need for external fuel tanks will probably lead to restrictions on mixed weapons carriage (reduced space) but that doesn't make it a bad land based platform. It's very, very unlikely that it will ever be navalised - not strong enough (it's not weak, just not designed for carrier landings or catapult launches) and too fast on the approach (fine for runways, just not for carriers).

JSF will be a good strike fighter. It's what it is designed to do. Stealth, internal weapons and good internal fuel capacity have been attained by going for one engine and forsaking the air to air qualities Typhoon has in abundance. STOVL variant (35B) offers exceptional basing flexibility (including landing on a bare and relatively cheap flight deck) at a cost in range and payload. CV variant (35C) does better from a more expensive deck.

The point is that different aircraft are designed to do different jobs (not always the ones they end up doing, but the point still stands). Comparing them nearly always ends up as an 'apples and oranges' discussion, or worse, name calling.

My take - UK buy of JSF will go ahead, but I wouldn't rule out another slip in our delivery dates - this would hack the US off big time and reduce our ability to influence the programme, but our Government may decide it's a price worth paying. I don't agree but hey, I'm not in charge.

best regards to all as ever

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