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I am pleased to hear there were no injuries...

I'm wondering...

Early in the thread, there was mention of marine regulations which would restrict operation of the helicopter on the beach, which has an obvious open area, and presumably a suitable arrival/departure path which would enabel safe flight. For reasons of his own, the pilot chose not to use the beach (I'm presuming, based upon what I've read here).

If the government of Ireland has realized the need for regulation of aircraft operations on beaches, I would presume that the regulation of helicopter operations in car parks would already have been addressed. In Canada, we have this regulation:

602.13 (1) Except if otherwise permitted under this section, section 603.66 or Part VII, no person shall conduct a take-off, approach or landing in an aircraft within a built-up area of a city or town, unless that take-off, approach or landing is conducted at an airport, heliport or a military aerodrome.
(amended 2007/06/30; previous version)

to consider.

During my helicopter training, (and I'm certain that I would not be alone in this) instructors were constantly temping me to land into unsuitable or non-conforming landing areas, and "bullying" me into justifying why I would not. The aforementioned regulation was one of my reasons, and I got satisfied smiles when I quoted it.

The regulation of landing in built up areas in Ireland is much less restrictive than Canada (for comparison only) but the beaches are locked up tight?

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