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Originally Posted by captplaystation View Post
Telefonica's gone, replaced with "Drive to your next disaster location with PEUGEOT", strange how companies don't monitor when and in relation to what, their ads will be used. Can't think of a positive spin on that at all, maybe some advertising whizz-kid could explain the logic.
Not claiming to be either advertising or a whizz-kid, but I suspect this is down to ad selection by automated keyword matching. The ads will be sourced from a large pool (likely provided by a third party agency) and will be matched to the page based on the other page content - the idea being to display "relevant" ads.

These sort of keyword matching algorithms can't yet do much about context let alone assess "sensitivity" when choosing an ad, so sometimes you get ads that no resonable person would have matched to the content. This is already leading to complaints, see eg.

ASA: Publishers must vet AdSense ads ? The Register

I don't see this changing though - replacing with a manual process won't be feasible, and the automated matching will always be (more) flawed.
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